Snap Projections Joins Forces With WealthBar

Today marks a big milestone for the Snap Projections team.

We’ve been working hard for the past 5 years to bring you financial planning software that is intuitive, interactive and impactful so that you (and your clients) can easily determine which strategies add to and detract from building long-term, after-tax wealth.

It’s been a great journey so far and Snap continues to grow quickly serving planners and advisors across the country – from independent practices to wealth management firms, and credit unions.

Today, we announce a huge leap forward towards our goals of continuing to build out extraordinary planning tools that can help you grow your financial advisory practice.

We’re excited to share that we’ve been acquired by WealthBar, a leading Canadian online investment manager that’s focused on providing Main Street Canadians with the same opportunities that the ultra-rich use to build wealth. WealthBar shares our vision of ensuring all Canadians can access professional financial planning.

This partnership means we’re gaining resources that will help us accelerate our product roadmap, invest in our team and maintain the level of support you appreciate so much about Snap.

We have been working with WealthBar for over 4 years and couldn’t imagine a better partner for the next part of the journey.

Here is a bit more context on questions you may have:

Will my experience with Snap Projections change?

Not at all. You put your trust in us and we don’t take it lightly. You’ll continue to have access to the same platform you’ve been using and can expect new enhancements in the near future. Snap will remain a separate entity and nothing will change day to day. We’re only getting better.

What about the Snap team?

Every member of the Snap Projections team is making this transition (including myself, the founder). So if you’re used to hearing from me, Leigh, Riley, David, or anyone else on our team, expect that to continue.

What are the future plans for Snap?

In a nutshell, our plans are to stay the current course, but move faster. What we’re doing is working really well. This partnership provides us with the resources needed to build features you’ve been waiting for faster, scale our team, and double down on educating the industry (and the public) on the value of professional financial planning.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you!


– Pawel

Pawel Brzeminski
Founder & CEO, Snap Projections

PS – If you haven’t yet tried financial planning with Snap, now is a great time. Try it out in a free trial or book a demo with us here.


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