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We’ve got open positions on the Snap Projections team.

If you’re looking for an exciting role that will allow you to shine and use your incredible skill set, this is a perfect time to apply.

What is Snap Projections?

Snap Projections is developing a financial planning platform of the future. By enabling complex financial planning calculations through a modern, intuitive, and powerful interface, Snap Projections equips advisors with a means to effortlessly implement both simple and complex financial plans, which can be easily adjusted in real-time during a face-to-face client meetings. This modern, transparent and customer-centric approach made available by Snap is disrupting the traditional approach to financial planning, making it efficient, collaborative and impactful.

We are a quickly growing semi-remote team focused on developing solutions that matter, solving real problems and creating products our customers love.

We are looking for people who:

  1. Are positive & upbeat
  2. Have great communication skills
  3. Focus on becoming 1% better every day

These are people who take pride in delivering incredible results for our clients!

If this sounds like a great fit for you, we’re looking for great people to join our Engineering, Customer Success and Sales teams.

If you’re interested, read through each role, decide which one sounds most exciting, and send us your application.

Can’t find a position but would love to work with us? We love talented people ready to jump into action and get things done. Email hello(at) and let us know why you want to work with us, and what role you might fill.

Snap Projections helps financial advisors, planners and wealth managers keep their clients invested, even if markets fall.

Advisors educate clients to help them make better financial decisions through a simple yet powerful and easy to use financial & retirement planning software solution.

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