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Wasted time

Are you wasting time with Excel or cumbersome, hard to use financial planning software to produce financial plans that are never read?

Confused clients

Are your clients confused by lengthy, complicated reports? Clients don’t read complex 50+ page reports. Their eyes glaze over.

Unengaged prospects

Are you failing to engage prospects and receive valuable referrals from clients? Unengaged prospects means no AUM growth.


Hours saved every week

Create optimized financial plans and what-if scenarios quickly and efficiently. Reduce back-office time and save 5-10 hours per plan.

Increased client engagement

Use interactive presentations and easily present client projections to balance the level of detail so clients are engaged but not overwhelmed.

Growth in your AUM

Effortlessly generate high quality referrals from friends & family. Convert more prospects to clients and grow your practice.

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one-page SnapShot summary report

The one-page SnapShot summary report

Easily create a personalized, one-page SnapShot or leverage this as an Executive Summary within your full financial report. Instantly build professional, customized, and branded reports with client-friendly visuals and charts.
expenses module

Expenses Module for goals-based planning

Leverage improved interactive charts and presentations to help educate your clients and show them without a doubt how the plan will ensure their goals are met. The new Expenses Module provides a transparent and highly customizable financial planning experience.


Provide your clients personalized recommendations

Run multiple scenarios in minutes to determine if your clients’ retirement goal is over or underfunded, and find ways to make it fully funded through adjusting their retirement age, spending, or savings.
See all of your client data on one page

Show your clients their whole life on one page

Make quick updates and real-time changes to client projections all on one page without going through multiple tabs or extra pages. Save time, engage more clients and deliver better financial advice.
Model historical investment returns

Stress Test projections and investment returns

Stress test your projections and investment returns by applying historical or randomly generated rates of inflation and investment returns. Show a range of potential outcomes, educate your clients on the sequence of returns risk, and more.
Create efficient projections for your clients

Create optimized projections in minutes

Easily illustrate their cash-flow, tax efficiency of various accounts, estate taxes, insurance policies and withdrawals in retirement. Generate more revenue with the time you saved (or just enjoy a longer vacation).
Instantly compare scenarios

Instantly compare scenarios

Should they delay their government benefits? Can they retire early? How much can they afford to spend? What happens to their spending if they downsize or receive an inheritance? Instantly compare scenarios to show them the tradeoffs.

What Financial Advisors and Planners Say About Snap Projections

“As a physician turned financial planner, I am well-acquainted with the frustrations and bad outcomes that can result from software that doesn’t perform well when you need it. My experience with Snap has been exactly the opposite. Even as a beginner, I was up and running after just a few practice scenarios.

Matt Poyner, Financial Planner

Matt Poyner
Financial Planner

“I will vouch: the client service is stellar from Snap Projections. I submitted a case consult request and had someone on the phone within 15 minutes to resolve it! When one submits an online support request, there’s sort of an expectation that someone will get back to you within a couple of business days, but Snap is so responsive.”

Kelsey Smart, CFP

Kelsey Smart, CFP
Principal, Smart Investments

“Snap Projections has the best support system of any Financial Planning software that I have used and I must have used nearly 10 of them. Snap’s support is far superior, providing quick and helpful support. For example, with another provider, I would have to set up support calls a day in advance but with Snap I really like the ability to call in and get help right away.”

Margaret Richards, CFP

Margaret Richards, CFP
Richards Financial

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