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Easy to use yet comprehensive financial planning software for asset accumulation & decumulation
allowing you to simplify your planning process and convert more prospects into clients.

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Are you frustrated with your financial planning process?


Wasted Time

Are you wasting time with Excel or complicated, hard to use financial planning software to do planning for your clients?


Confused Clients

Are you confusing clients with long, convoluted reports? Clients don’t understand complicated 50-page reports. Their eyes glaze over.


Lost Revenue

Confused clients means low retention and no referrals. Stop losing prospects and focus on growing your practice with planning.


Save Hours Every Week

Create optimized financial and retirement projections quickly and efficiently. Save hours with every client.


Increase Client Engagement

Use interactive presentations and clear, easy to understand personalized client reports to educate and engage clients.


Grow With Referrals

Satisfied clients refer you to their friends and family. Reduce back-office time and spend more time with clients to grow your business.

“Snap allows me to better serve my clients by allowing me to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver retirement income analysis.

Thanks to Snap’s streamlined data entry and practical report templates I can easily offer more planning to more clients.”

Michael Berton, CFP, RFP, CLU, CHS

Senior Financial Planner, Assante Financial Management Ltd.

Maximum client impact with minimum effort

See your client data all on one page. Make quick updates to their projections without going through multiple tabs or extra pages and see the results instantly. Save time, help more clients and run a better business.

Give prospects reasons to become clients

Create optimized projections for your clients, in minutes. Easily illustrate their cash-flow, tax efficiency of various accounts, estate taxes, insurance policies and withdrawals in retirement. Generate more revenue with the time you saved (or just enjoy a longer vacation).

Instantly compare scenarios

Instantly compare scenarios so your clients can easily see the benefit of one scenario versus another. Delay their CPP/OAS or take it early, retire at 58 or work part-time until 67, factor in an inheritance, downsize and calculate their sustainable spending level.

Educate and engage your clients

Use interactive presentations so you can educate and fully engage your clients in the planning process. Easily illustrate their spending/saving patterns or walk them through their income in retirement and explain how they can achieve their financial goals.

Create client-friendly reports

Instantly create client-friendly reports from your projections. Upload your branding information and save concise, personalized reports your clients easily understand and appreciate.

“In other financial planning software you have to keep digging for the numbers. Sometimes you can’t find something and it makes you look unprofessional in front of the client.

Snap is extremely transparent so you always feel in control and are less likely to make mistakes.

It is our #1 tool for becoming aware of and consolidating business.”

Justin P., CIM, CFP, FCSI

Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, Top 6 Canadian Bank, Private Wealth Management

“Snap reduced my planning time and tripled my productivity.”

Diane Dekanic, MBA, CFP, RFP

President, Financial Health Management

Snap Projections helps financial advisors, planners and wealth managers keep their clients invested, even if markets fall.

Advisors educate clients to help them make better financial decisions through a simple yet powerful and easy to use financial & retirement planning software solution.

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