How Financial Advisors and Planners are simplifying corporate planning and providing more value

Jun 19, 2024

Learn to confidently have corporate planning discussions with your clients.

Easily model the impact of the proposed changes to the capital gains inclusion rates, explore potential benefits of corporately-owned life insurance, and instantly create customized one or two page financial plan report summaries.


Even if you are not currently providing corporate planning, you will still learn a lot during this financial planning tutorial.

In the lessons below, we covered personal input and optimization considerations in addition to layering a corporation onto a personal financial plan. You will see a personal financial plan built from scratch, followed by numerous optimizations.

Throughout the planning tutorial, you will see multiple scenarios created in real-time.

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During the first video, you will learn:

  • how to build a financial plan from start to finish in Snap Projections
  • how to layer a corporation onto a personal plan
  • how to blend the corporate and personal accumulation and decumulation strategy
  • how to illustrate and compare drawdown strategies to best achieve the client’s goals
  • how to model the impacts of the proposed changes to the capital gain inclusion rates
  • how to build in and compare outcomes of purchasing corporately-owned life insurance


Part 1: Building the Projections



Once the projections are finalized during the first video, we then move into the Reporting platform for the second portion of the financial planning tutorial.

During the second video, you will learn:

  • how to build a customized, one-page financial plan summary report
  • how to build a two-page Executive summary that is part of the full financial plan report
  • how to explain the financial plan report to the client in a way they can understand



Part 2: Building a customized one-page financial plan summary & a full, comprehensive financial plan report that includes a two-page Executive Summary




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