Transform the way you deliver client advice with the SnapShot, a customizable one-page report.

May 8, 2024

We recently announced the launch of the new SnapShot, Snap’s latest major development.

Advisors need and want better client reporting options. Period. Many of you are making short presentations in Canva or PowerPoint. This is no longer necessary. You can get those hours back.

While Snap has always provided easy-to-understand and shorter-than-average reports, there was still a gap that needed to be filled.

Clients don’t want a 50-page report. They often don’t want a 5-page report!


It’s simply too much to digest. Their eyes glaze over. They want to see what matters most to them personally, ideally on just one page. The real difficulty in creating this experience lies with the fact that what each client cares about is different. So this solution had to be 100% customizable in order to meet Advisor expectations.

This was a big undertaking, and we are thrilled to have this new functionality available to all Advisors using our financial planning software.

See it in action below. This video will show you exactly how to leverage this new functionality to better serve your clients.



Snap provides transparent, easy-to-use, and highly customizable financial planning software for Advisors. Canadian Financial Advisors, Planners, and Investment Managers are eligible to start a 14-day Free Trial of Snap Projections. Try the new SnapShot client report today!

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