Financial Planning Software Tutorial: Simple Does Not Mean Easy

Jan 31, 2024

Here at Snap, we’ve always tried to keep things simple — especially when it comes to the use of our financial planning software. We’ve always pushed to ensure we keep it simple to use, but that does not mean sacrificing features and flexibility. Because simple does not mean easy.

Snap’s financial planning software was designed to simplify complex financial tasks and calculations for Financial Advisors and Planners, but its effective use requires a combination of skills and understanding, which are by no means easy to acquire. The sheer volume of knowledge and expertise required to be an effective Financial Planner is astounding — and there is nothing easy about that! We are often asked why we do not allow consumers to use our product, and that is exactly why. 

Snap is transparent, easy-to-use, and highly flexible financial planning software for Canadian Advisors who see the value in providing comprehensive and interactive financial planning for their clients.

We don’t often refer to the software as simple anymore, as it continues to become more comprehensive and robust. But, our users continue to say that compared to everything else they have tried, Snap remains simple to use.



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Some recent user feedback we have received includes:

This is so much faster than any other tool I’ve used and I’ve tried a lot. I continue to be more impressed every minute. This is so bloody intuitive.


I’ve used snap for many years, always liked how easy it is to use. And it keeps getting better!


Snap literally changed what I was able to do for clients and countless hours so I’m happy to promote you guys whenever I get the chance.


I have DRAMATICALLY improved my closing ratio by incorporating SNAP into my prospecting. Clients are amazed that I can answer the questions (as an independent) that their big, flashy brokerage advisor has never answered. It is only part of my process, but it has helped immensely – Beyond what I would have believed, frankly. Keep up the good work!

Canadian Financial Advisors can now create a one-page financial plan summary report with Snap Projections financial planning software.



In this financial planning tutorial, we’re building a plan for John and Jane Snapper, a couple nearing retirement.

In this session, we reviewed a sample projection and answered the following 3 questions:

  1. How long will my money last? Am I going to be okay?
  2. How much can I spend so I won’t run out of money?
  3. How much will be left for my children?


Below, you will see the entire process from start to finish, in real-time. You will see how building what can be a complex financial case is still simple when you use the right planning software.



Want to follow along in the tutorial? Canadian Financial Advisors, Planners, and Investment Managers are eligible to start a 14-day Free Trial of Snap Projections financial planning software.

The Financial Advisor's Marketing Guide


The Financial Advisor’s Marketing Guide

Learn how to build an online presence, create and share valuable content, and engage with prospects and clients through email marketing.