Snap Projections - Financial Plan Creation Checklist

Financial Plan Creation Checklist for Financial Advisors

When you are creating a new financial plan, what are the key elements you want to ensure you enter, review, and validate? The Financial Plan Checklist will help you follow some basic first steps when setting up a new scenario for your clients. This list will help ensure you don’t forget to review any inputs or possible optimizations while creating scenarios. If you’re growing your team, it can be used as a great training resource to ensure consistency and efficiency.

The New Financial Plan Checklist is provided as a Microsoft Word document that you can modify. You can add your own logo, change the wording, and customize it to your own needs for a branded and professional appearance.

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What Financial Advisors & Planners are saying about Snap Projections

“As a physician turned financial planner, I am well-acquainted with the frustrations and bad outcomes that can result from software that doesn’t perform well when you need it. My experience with Snap has been exactly the opposite. Even as a beginner, I was up and running after just a few practice scenarios.

Matt Poyner, Financial Planner

Matt Poyner
Financial Planner

“I will vouch: the client service is stellar from Snap Projections. I submitted a case consult request and had someone on the phone within 15 minutes to resolve it! When one submits an online support request, there’s sort of an expectation that someone will get back to you within a couple of business days, but Snap is so responsive.”

Kelsey Smart, CFP

Kelsey Smart, CFP
Principal, Smart Investments

Snap Projections has the best support system of any Financial Planning software that I have used and I must have used nearly 10 of them. Snap’s support is far superior, providing quick and helpful support. For example, with another provider, I would have to set up support calls a day in advance but with Snap I really like the ability to call in and get help right away.”

Margaret Richards, CFP

Margaret Richards, CFP
Richards Financial