Template for Advisors: an Email Marketing Nurture Sequence for Prospects

Jul 3, 2024

In your basic 5-step process to start creating and sending out content via emails to your existing clients, we covered sending out a newsletter-style email on a regular schedule. Now, we can build on this idea once that has been established. 

Sending out timely and relevant emails will be an important component of your marketing, but we can also create what we call Nurture sequences that are designed for non-clients only. As you are building your email list, you will want prospects who opt-in to enter a separate marketing funnel. We will provide more resources and tips soon on how to actively grow your email marketing list as an Advisor. 

After a prospective client opts into your list, or has a free consult, for example, they should enter a nurture sequence that has been designed for prospective clients. They can also receive your regular newsletter that goes out to clients. Always ensure you acquire expressed permission prior to adding anyone to your email marketing list. 

Once you have selected your email marketing platform, you can begin building out sequences in your email program.



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A template for your very first prospective client Nurture Sequence

Creating a successful email nurture series for prospective clients involves delivering valuable content, building trust, and guiding them through the decision-making process. Below is a template for a general email nurture series that can be tweaked for personal use. Keep in mind that the timing and frequency of emails can be adjusted based on your preferences and the preferences of your target audience.

Sending an email once a week is a good place to start; you can monitor and tweak as you go.

This is something that needs to be tailored to your audience, but here is a very generalized template to help give you some direction and get you started. 

And don’t forget about your Compliance department if you need to have email communications approved before sending, ensure you do that before turning your sequence on!


Email Nurture Series Template: Financial Planning Essentials


Email 1: Introduction and Welcome

  • Subject: Welcome to [Financial Advisor’s Name]’s Financial Planning Community!
  • Briefly introduce yourself, highlighting your expertise and commitment to helping clients achieve financial goals.
  • Set expectations for the nurture series and emphasize the value subscribers will receive.
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA) encouraging subscribers to reply with any specific financial topics or questions they’d like to learn more about.


Email 2: Understanding Your Financial Goals

  • Subject: Let’s Define Your Financial Goals Together
  • Discuss the importance of setting clear financial goals.
  • Provide a link to a survey or questionnaire to help prospects identify and prioritize their financial objectives.
  • Emphasize your commitment to crafting personalized strategies based on their unique goals and aspirations.


Email 3: The Power of Financial Planning

  • Subject: Unlock Your Financial Potential with Strategic Planning
  • Explain the benefits of comprehensive financial planning.
  • Share a success story or case study illustrating how strategic planning positively impacted a client’s financial life.
  • Invite subscribers to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss their specific financial needs.


Email 4: Dive into Investment Strategies

  • Subject: Navigating the World of Investments: A Closer Look
  • Introduce the basics of investment strategies and the role they play in financial planning.
  • Provide a link to a webinar or downloadable guide on investment basics.
  • Encourage subscribers to explore the various investment options tailored to their risk tolerance and financial goals.


Email 5: The Importance of Risk Management

  • Subject: Mitigating Risks: Protecting Your Financial Future
  • Discuss the significance of risk management in financial planning.
  • Offer insights on insurance options, emergency funds, and protecting assets.
  • Highlight how your expertise can help subscribers create a robust risk management plan.


Canadian Financial Advisors can now create a one-page financial plan summary report with Snap Projections financial planning software.

Canadian Financial Advisors, Planners, and Investment Managers are eligible to start a 14-day Free Trial of Snap Projections financial planning software.


Email 6: Tax Efficiency Strategies

  • Subject: Maximizing Your Wealth: Tax Efficiency Strategies
  • Explore tax-efficient investment strategies and planning.
  • Share tips on minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing returns.
  • Invite subscribers to a webinar or workshop on tax planning.


Email 7: Planning for Retirement

  • Subject: Secure Your Retirement: Planning Tips and Insights
  • Discuss key considerations for retirement planning.
  • Provide resources on calculating retirement needs and maximizing savings.
  • Include a CTA for scheduling a consultation to create a personalized retirement plan.


Email 8: Your Financial Journey Continues

  • Subject: Continuing the Conversation: Your Financial Journey
  • Summarize the topics covered in the nurture series.
  • Reinforce your commitment to guiding subscribers on their financial journey.
  • Encourage subscribers to reach out for personalized advice and to discuss their financial plans further.


Remember to personalize each email and tailor the content to the interests and needs of your prospective clients. Regularly analyze engagement metrics to refine and optimize the nurture series over time.

If subscribers are opting out at a rate higher than 1% for any given email, you will want to revisit that and see how you can make it more valuable. Pay attention to what emails get responses and engagement, as that’s a clear indicator what your subscribers are interested in. 

This template also assumes you are setting yourself up with the option for online booking via something like Calendly, which is highly recommended.

Ensure that as prospects become clients, they are removed from this sequence and will only receive client content.


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