Advisors can save time while still building customized one or two page financial plan reports

Jun 11, 2024

Do you absolutely love the report produced by your current Canadian financial planing software? If not, you may want to check out the newly released SnapShot feature by Snap Projections.


Advisors can now provide their clients with a customized, one or two page financial plan report instantly.


No additional work is required after the plan creation to produce your personalized client report.

The new SnapShot feature has only been available for one month.

Here is what users are saying about the impact of this new reporting functionality:


“I used to use a template I developed in Word. I would reserve Fridays to prepare all my summaries and reports from the weeks meetings. I would spend minimum one hour per summary and report, depending on the complexity. With the new SnapShots, I complete it after every plan presentation in ten minutes. I would say I save 3 to 4 hours a week from the new SnapShots. Client feedback is great, they love it.”


“With the new one-page summary, it is much easier for me to present more than one option for consideration when I am working on retirement income planning. Often it’s a one-page on sustainable spending, another on buckets of income, etc. It’s much simpler to present and have clients walk away with the one-pager.”


“Before Snapshots, I used to spend about 30-45 minutes per client manually creating report summaries. This involved using Google Sheets for graphs and charts, which then fed into a templated Google Slide deck that I customized for each client. With SnapShots, I save that 30-45 minutes per client. In terms of quantifying the value, the time saved per client translates directly to more availability for other client work or business development activities. This efficiency boost has been a significant improvement in my workflow.”


We have previously shared more information on why we built this new feature, along with additional examples and use cases, and there is also a six-minute video that shows exactly how to build your initial SnapShot template.

Our Advisors have been asking for better reporting options because often, even a 5-page report is too long.

We have found that even when reports are user-friendly for the Advisor to create and present, plus easy-to-understand for the client, the value and key items are still getting lost in translation. Clients need to see what matters most on one or two pages if the message is going to stick  it really is that simple.

What is not simple, however, is how to deliver on this demand. The Snap team has finally done it. Customizability and time savings are now working hand in hand to create a seamless experience for both the Advisor and the client.

Below, you will hear from Snap’s Product Manager, Jim Kort, on how Snap Projections financial planning software will now automatically populate specific plan details into each individual SnapShot report.

Since the data is being pulled dynamically (versus entered in manually) it will automatically update for existing plan updates, as well as future plan builds.

This means that your future one or two page financial plan reports, your SnapShots, are being instantly created by the software. You are no longer required to do extra work after building the projections to produce a customized report.



Canadian Financial Advisors, Planners, and Investment Managers are eligible to start a 14-day Free Trial of Snap Projections financial planning software.



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