98 % des conseillers qui s’inscrivent auprès de Snap Projections restent avec Snap Projections

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“As a physician turned financial planner, I am well-acquainted with the frustrations and bad outcomes that can result from software that doesn’t perform well when you need it. My experience with Snap has been exactly the opposite. Even as a beginner, I was up and running after just a few practice scenarios. The interface is so fast and intuitive that I regularly share my screen with clients and build/adjust new scenarios on the fly. They love it because they can see in real-time how various decisions might pan out. Of note, many of my clients have corporations and this is also integrated seamlessly.

As impressive as the software is, what is perhaps even more impressive has been the support. Any time I have had a question that cannot be answered by perusing the very handy Help Centre, I simply drop the Snap team a note from within the software. I can’t recall waiting more than one hour for a response that has thoughtfully and thoroughly resolved my issue. This is an incredible resource, particularly for those of us who are relatively new to the world of financial planning.”

Matt Poyner, Financial Planner

Matt Poyner
Financial Planner

“I will vouch: the client service is stellar from Snap Projections. I submitted a case consult request and had someone on the phone within 15 minutes to resolve it! When one submits an online support request, there’s sort of an expectation that someone will get back to you within a couple of business days, but Snap is so responsive.”

Kelsey Smart, CFP

Kelsey Smart, CFP
Principal, Smart Investments

Snap Projections has the best support system of any Financial Planning software that I have used and I must have used nearly 10 of them. Snap’s support is far superior, providing quick and helpful support. For example, with another provider, I would have to set up support calls a day in advance but with Snap I really like the ability to call in and get help right away.”

Margaret Richards, CFP

Margaret Richards, CFP
Richards Financial

"Snap Projections is amazing. The follow up and offers of support are terrific. I fretted over 2 complicated income plans for three months. I signed on with Snap and now have concise and easy to read projections for my clients, each taking me less than an hour!

David Cooke CLU

David Cooke, CLU
Principal, David Cooke Wealth Counsellors

"Snap has turned out to be a better, more sophisticated retirement planning software than what we were using, without being too complex to understand. We use it for prospects, too. We show them we have this sophisticated software and we can show them the most tax-efficient way to get their money out — we can alter everything right in front of them.

It’s even helped me to solidify my succession plan with my daughter, as she has taken over preparing and presenting the retirement plans to my clients and they have become very comfortable knowing their plans are in good hands.”

David Cooke CLU

Ted Vanos, CFP, CAFA
Senior Financial Planning Advisor, Assante Capital Management

"We were initially attracted to Snap Projections’ overall ease of use. In particular, we liked the ease of integrating personal assets as well as corporate assets into one cohesive set of financial & retirement projections for our clients. Snap is also great at showing clients different what-if scenarios on the spot - both in person and in a virtual meeting.

Snap has significantly helped our team with client retention, positioning and the ability to demonstrate the value of advice. In many cases, we provided projections for prospects who later decided to become our clients. If you are an advisor who values their time and looking for an efficient platform for financial planning, you will be crazy not to consider Snap Projections.”

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Eric Thomson
Senior Financial Planner, Thomson Financial Partners, Assante Capital Management

"SnapProjections is an incredibly intuitive tool for the advisor that believes a financial plan is a living, breathing process – not a 50-page plan that their clients will never use.

You can sit with clients and get a great start on a financial plan in a short, 15-minute session, or you can compare a dozen different ‘what-if’ scenarios, change things on the fly and answer essentially any hypothetical question your clients may have. It has changed the way I do my business.”

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Dave Wilder
Founder, Wilder Wealth, Investia Financial Services Inc.

"Starting in 2018, a team of wealth advisors (we call them Coaches) at Libro Credit Union began the process of seeking a financial planning software partner to replace our historical provider. Given the changing complexity and nuances of financial planning we found our existing software to be time-consuming, contained gaps, and was difficult to navigate. We were searching for a solution that had the capability of accommodating a myriad of complex cases, while facilitating a workflow that was easy and intuitive for the Coach.

Libro believes that financial planning is more than just asset, liabilities, and income statements. A good financial plan contributes positively to emotional and mental well-being. We wanted a tool that facilitated discussion, and didn’t require the Coach to get bogged down in minutiae. Ideally our new software would make intuitive decisions, and make logical updates throughout the plan without the need to search them out manually. After a careful analysis of four potential providers, Snap Projections stood out for its clear and concise presentation, it’s ability to grow and evolve online, and its intuitive use.

Our investment in the Snap Projections deployment was the right choice for our licensed investment team and insurance team. Since adopting the solution, a year ago, we have seen better engagement by our staff, a more holistic approach to planning, and have found success with many market segments where planning was not previously provided.”

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Paul McQueen, CFA, CFP, CIM, RIS
Vice President, Wealth / Coach, Libro Credit Union

"Snap Projections allows you to do income planning projections for clients with real ease. The time involved in setting up a client in other tools makes it hard to justify going through the process for all clients. Snap allows you do income projections in a matter of minutes so it can be widely used.”

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Sherry Blamey, CFP, CIM, FCSI
Director, Private Client Group & Investment Advisor, HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

"The ability to manipulate the data with a client watching is what I enjoy most about Snap Projections. The data entry is simple, and it's easy to provide clients with a meaningful report after working in Snap Projections together.

You can tell the developers at Snap work closely with advisors to help them provide clients with a meaningful understanding of their overall retirement and estate picture."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

John Booth, CPA, CA, CFDS, CFP
Senior Financial Advisor, Aldershot Financial Group | Aligned Capital Partners

"Being able to present multiple scenarios is what I like most about Snap Projections. The ease of use allows me to show various scenarios live, in front of clients.

I'm also very analytical, and I like to be able to see everything and in most programs much of the data is hidden and you get lost trying to find the input or trying to explain the output."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Wendy Kellar, CLU, CHS, CEA, B. Admin
Financial Advisor, Freedom 55 Financial

"Clients love seeing my live presentations with Snap. I can bring up the taxation, see total taxes throughout their life as well as any tax on the estate. We can make changes (start 'de-registration programs') and compare scenarios together, on the fly.

The learning curve is so much better, other programs are so complex and over complicated. Your engineers really went the extra mile to make this simple for us to use without limiting functionality."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Mike Turlock, CFP
Financial Advisor, Turlock Wealth Management / Investment Planning Counsel

"With Snap Projections it is easy for clients to understand how my advice ties back to their financial plan.

This is important because plans are at the core of my client relationship. Clients actually understand what is going on and they tell other people about this, which is absolutely key in generating referrals."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Garth Broughton B.Comm CFP FMA
Certified Financial Planner, Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.

"Moving to Snap was one of the smartest decisions I've made. It took me awhile to make the decision but I'm glad I did.

I am saving hours every week in spreadsheet manipulation, and my clients have a ton of confidence in the results and love the output."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Trevor Van Nest, B. Comm. (Hons.), CFP
Owner/Money Coach, Niagara Region Money Coaches

"Snap Projections is a lot more powerful than I expected. I'm able to consolidate assets, add/delete assets, model annuity income, change the after tax spending over the years, copy and compare scenarios.

This is a really powerful tool – I’ll use it as a foundation for all of my clients. I am so happy with it!"

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Christine Lang, BA(Econ), CPA, CGA, CCS
President & Principal Advisor, Lang Financial Consulting & Wealth Solutions Ltd.

"Snap instantly demonstrates the value of my services to my clients.

I'm able to show the value I create by investing their assets in a goal specific manner, highlighting any going concerns with respect to insurance and pinpointing potential estate or cash flow & debt issues.‎

It answers the questions quickly that clients want answered: where am I now and how do I get to where I want to be? Will I have enough to retire with?"

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Marie DeLauretis, B.Comm., CFP, CFDS
DeLauretis Wealth Management Inc / DFS Investments Inc.

"I have tried many financial planning software packages over the last 20 years. I wanted financial planning software that provided accurate and meaningful output but was user friendly.

Snap Projections was the first I have seen that provided these attributes to help me and my team run my financial planning business. I am very happy that I'm using Snap."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Cam Forer, CFP
Investment Planning Counsel

"I can create a plan within minutes prior to a client meeting, work on it interactively with them for an hour or so and have it in their inbox on their way home from my office.

I never thought doing it this way was possible due to the limitations of the program I was using prior to Snap."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Mark Orr, CPA, CA, CFP, CIM
Senior Financial Advisor, Aldershot Financial Group | Aligned Capital Partners

"I have very much enjoyed my experience with Snap. And I do mean enjoyed – I actually am enjoying my financial planning work more using Snap than previously!

It allows me to quickly focus on what matters, less time messing around with technical detail that doesn’t really help.

Snap saves me an enormous amount of time between building scenarios and making revisions. You clearly have spent time with planners to get this right."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Graham Bodel, CFA
Director, Chalten Fee-Only Advisors

"I have been involved in the development of Snap Projections since the early days. I have been encouraged by the response of Pawel and his team to the particular challenges we encountered while using it.

We have been able to account for and model the diverse nature of our clients’ situations – from simple employment, defined benefit pension schemes to complex portfolios of personally held rental real estate and corporate assets to be used in retirement cash flow modelling.

Snap Projections answers all the cash flow modelling questions we have thrown at it so far. It explains very well the essential cog in the financial planning gearbox that most other financial projections software completely miss – what do I need to do now and in the future to ensure I have the necessary cash flow to keep my household functioning.

Finally, Snap is really easy to use."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Lenore J. Davis, MA, CFP, RFP
Senior Partner, Dixon, Davis & Company, Chairman of the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners (IAFP)

"I especially like Snap Projections' ability to provide quick, efficient projections to determine long-term financial sufficiency and the impact of short-term cash allocation strategies.

The program’s ability to calculate after tax estate values and specify spending and saving strategies on a year by year basis means that it is possible to determine what behaviours/strategies add and detract from long-term, after-tax wealth.

I am impressed by the current functionality of the program and I look forward to working with Pawel and his team at Snap Projections on more sophisticated enhancements."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

James B. F. Cripps, CFA, RFP, CFP
Senior Financial Planner, Vancouver Financial Planning Consultants

"Snap Projections so far has reduced my time to develop retirement projections to about a quarter (or less) of the time I used to spend with FP Solutions by CCH. It provides exactly what I need for my clients.

I am sitting down with my clients and bringing up their plans in Snap either in person or online. I am then making changes with them so they can see the implications of their decisions such as their ability to retire sooner or having higher income in retirement. From there we agree how their final plan should look like. The impact on the client is amazing!

Snap allows me to spend more time assisting my clients in moving forward instead of doing back office work. It will also allow us to track the annual progress.

I have absolutely no regrets moving to Snap."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Diane Dekanic, MBA, CFP, RFP
President, Financial Health Management

"Snap allows me to better serve my clients by allowing me to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver retirement income analysis.

Thanks to Snap's streamlined data entry and practical report templates I can easily offer more planning to more clients."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Michael Berton, CFP, RFP, CLU, CHS
Senior Financial Planner, Assante Financial Management Ltd.

"Snap Projections is a new, powerful and important tool in our financial planning practice.

We used to use a variety of financial planning software to do retirement income projections for clients. This was a time consuming process requiring cobbling together of the final report. Now, it literally takes minutes to develop a future projection presented in a single coherent report with coloured charts.

During a client meeting, we can change a variety of inputs to demonstrate (in real-time) what effect the change will have on their future - income, net worth, tax, estate value.

The learning curve with this software is very gentle. A planner can become proficient in a day or two, depending on usage. Access to technical assistance, when required, has been outstanding.

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Kelly Baker
Registered Representative, Manulife Securities Inc.

"In other financial planning software you have to keep digging for the numbers. Sometimes you can't find something and it makes you look unprofessional in front of the client.

Snap is extremely transparent so you always feel in control and are less likely to make mistakes.

It is our #1 tool for becoming aware of and consolidating business."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Justin P., CIM, CFP, FCSI
Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, Top 6 Canadian Bank, Private Wealth Management

"My client meeting went really well. Snap is very good at interactive client presentations.

The clients are happy to review the projections interactively and we can make changes on the fly."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Dan Brassard
Investment Advisor, Vanta Group

"Snap Projections is a wonderful tool for financial planning. It is very intuitive, easy to navigate and flexible with respect to scenarios you can build.

Most importantly, Snap is empowering my clients with an opportunity to look into the future with confidence. Addressing any questions or exploring financial possibilities have become a Snap!"

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Vitaliy Milentyev, CFA
President, Cornerstone Investment Counsel

"I really like Snap Projections. It’s very easy to work with yet provides sufficiently detailed analysis for my clients.

My clients find it intuitive and easy to understand, and can quickly determine if they are on track or if adjustments need to be made.

Their team is very responsive and great to work with."

Eric Thomson | Senior Financial Planner

Brant Taylor, CFP, RFP, CLU, CEA, BBA
Senior Financial Planner, Assante Financial Management Ltd.