How Advisors can build a one-page financial plan report instantly.

Jun 4, 2024

When customizability meets time savings.


The reports generated by financial planning software are too long. Even though Snap’s comprehensive reports are client friendly and easy to understand, the reality is that for many clients, even a 5-page report is still too long.

When clients can’t see the information they care about the most on a single page, the message often gets lost.

This often means that the client isn’t getting what they need from their reporting experience. And this is happening across the board, regardless of which planning software you are currently using.

As a solution, many Advisors are spending hours upon hours building customized reports in-house to provide their clients with the type of report they want.

Many of you have told us you’ve had no choice but to resort to using Canva, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Google Sheets, or Microsoft Word to build your own one or two page report summaries.

And this is after all the plan building work you’ve already done.

In this case, no one is winning. Either the client doesn’t get the information they care about, or the Advisor is wasting valuable time and resources building customized short reports.

We’re going to show you a better way.

And I want to clarify — this is not a one-page financial plan. This is a one-page financial plan summary report designed to show your clients the specific plan elements they care about most. 

The full, comprehensive financial plan report still exists, but you only need to share it with those particular clients who are going to value it and want that level of complexity.

Now, you can create a one-page financial plan summary report as a stand-alone client deliverable. The SnapShot is 100% customizable to meet the reporting needs of each individual client. 

In this video (which is less than 5-minutes long) you will see how to set-up the SnapShot template after data entry has been completed. In the future, any plans you build will pull in data from the projections automatically, creating a customized one-page report summary instantly. 

Canadian Financial Advisors, Planners, and Investment Managers are eligible to start a 14-day Free Trial of Snap Projections financial planning software.




In the video, you will see how to focus only on the SnapShot within the comprehensive Report Builder.

You can select which pages you want to include, and in what order. By default, you will have all 10 summaries available within the SnapShot. Using all 10 will create a two page report, which works well for an annual or quarterly review, or as an Executive Summary to a full, comprehensive financial plan report.

In this case, we want to create a one-page report, so we will select just 6 of the templated cards. Once you make your selection, you can access each one for any customizations you’d like to make.

The most important element here is that these cards are using dynamic template variables.


Rather than typing in the client’s age, retirement age, or retirement date, we are entering in the variable itself.

This means that now, anytime we update the plan, as we change the assumptions and values within the plan itself, these reports get automatically updated with the revised variables, in real time.

You never have to come back in here and tinker with the numbers to ensure everything’s up to date, because they’re all referencing actual variables from the plan. You’re not going back to re-type the updated information.

Once you have applied your preferences to one plan, you can save it as your default SnapShot plan.

This means that all future scenarios you create will automatically build the same SnapShot report summary for you, using the data pull from each individual plan. Once you’re done inputting the scenario set-up, you’ll have a customized, tailored SnapShot ready to go.

Advisors already using Snap are telling us that this is now so fast they are able to create a SnapShot between client meetings.


They’re also saying that their busy, high net worth clients are absolutely loving the one-pager because they are simply too busy for anything more.

Advisors are saying that because of SnapShots, they are savings at least 45 minutes to an hour every single client meeting because they no longer have to build a customized report after the projections have been created.

This new functionality is a game-changer for Financial Planners.

The client gets the type of report they want and the Advisor saves valuable time. Does your planning software provide customized one-page reports?

Canadian Financial Advisors, Planners, and Investment Managers are eligible to start a 14-day Free Trial of Snap Projections financial planning software.

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